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Signalling design


It is relatively easy to engineer a safe railway signalling configuration. If the rulebooks are available, itís not too hard to decide where signals are to be placed and which signal aspects they must show. 

It is sometimes far from easy to design a signalling scheme thatís both safe and meets the headway and speed demands. Especially if high performances are needed.

The most difficult thing to do in this line of work is achieving a high performance, keeping it safe and to present the result in a clear, explanatory way. This to make it plausible to the parties concerned, that the proposed design is the optimum or close to it.

  • TrainTrain can do straightforward performance analyses of existing signalling schemes.

  • We can also supply improvement proposals, based on specific operational needs.

  • On top of this, we can develop complete signalling schemes and relate them to operational requirements.

Whatever the level of TrainTrains involvement, the products will always be presented in such a way that it provides the customer with optimal insight into the correctness of modelling and design. The relevant underlying calculations are always presented with richly detailed, informative graphs and graphics.





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