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In several parts of the European railway network, capacity is of the utmost importance. But even more important is off course safety. ERTMS will bring railway safety to a higher level, but more safety will inevitably make it more difficult to keep the capacity we were used to.

In the Netherlands, ProRail conducted an extensive study, determining the expected capacity effect of introducing (pure) ERTMS Level 2 on the existing network and comparing this to the maximum capacity that can be achieved with the Dutch signalling system, today.

The study, finished in January 2010, shows a significant possible capacity gain and driving time reduction, for the Dutch situation. The gain occurs especially at lower speeds, close to the stations, where capacity is mostly needed.

TrainTrain participated in this study with designs, modelling choices, calculations and presentations.

A capacity comparison for other countries may have other results, because of the differing characteristics of the existing signalling systems that Level 2 will be compared to. Independent of the comparisons, the study shows that a high capacity can be achieved with ERTMS Level 2, if necessary.





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